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20 marzo 2012 2 20 /03 /marzo /2012 17:18

ImmagineIL PROGETTO BREAKING BARRIERS VOLA A UTRECHT e AMSTERDAM . Dal 1 al 4 Aprile  si terrà  in Olanda  il meeting europeodel progetto comunitario Breaking Barriers .


Ecco  il programma :


Breaking Barriers Project 

Visit Holland March 31th – April 4th  2012




Saturday March 31: Travelling and welcome


Sunday April 1 :  Cultural Day


Groupbuilding while  visiting: Volendam, Zaandam en Amsterdam

The typical Dutch cultural aspects of:  traditional fisherman clothing, fields of Dutch tulips, Industrial windmills and Amsterdam historical centre.


Monday April 2nd : Project and working day




work on project progress and Grundtvig report requirements.



work on pearlearning for dyslectics issues:

In pear learning groups we exchange adult dyslexia issues: working with Multiple Intelligence and Mindmapping.

Afternoon: All discuss on project results and further cooperation


Tuesday April 3rd : Regional Seminar


See: separate programme:

As part of the project of Breaking Barriers project activities, the Dutch Partner Valk&Uil has given support to Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency(DJI) teachers . Using pear group learning the teachers have become more aware of the needs of the dyslectic detainees. By using the project choosen dyslexia screening tool, DJI recognized that also in Dutch prisons a striking amount of detainees cope with dyslexia.


Wednesday April 4th: Conclusions and travelling

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